Economy Shoe Cover Dispenser



Our new economy shoe cover dispenser is a revolutionary patented new product, it is really inexpensive, compact and flexible, talented, energy saving and environmental protection of non-traditional automatic shoe cover dispenser.The biggest breakthrough performance was completely solve the problem of traditional shoe cover dispenser frequently working error, when using our new automatic shoe cover dispenser, will never appear if your foot put into the shoe cover dispenser but let you feel embarrassed-may the traditional machine not cover any shoe cover on your shoes, or cover many pieces cover on your shoes, we call it “CWR”(correct wearing rate). We in the integrated testing, analysis, research on almost all automatic and semi-automatic shoe cover dispenser, combined with traditional physics, body mechanics and Bionics of animals, through many times tests and improvement, finally designed this revolutionary shoe cover dispenser which concise but not simple, the CWR correct wearing rate is almost 100%. Before that , no any other semi-automatic or automatic shoe cover machine on the market can achieve this standard.

100% correct wearing rate disposable automatic shoe cover dispenser


Item Name: Auto shoe cover dispenser
Material: Environmental protection material–ABS and PVC material
Capacity: can load 50pcs PE shoe covers once
Product size: 58*23*18CM
Product weight: 3KGS
Color: silver(spray paint)(other colors can be available)
Drive mode: non-power-driven
(correct wearing rate)CWT: 100%
Working life: at least 10 years or more
Economy Shoe Cover Dispenser

Additional information

Weight 18-19 kg
Dimensions 63 × 31 × 75 cm



1. Sliver 2. White

Shoe Cover Capacity

PE: 100 Pcs
CPE: 80 Pcs
Non-Woven: 50 Pcs


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