Training – How to Update and Maintain Company’s Website – Islamabad

Date: Saturday August 31, 2019 Islamabad
Venue: Hotel One, Islamabad

This course will teach participants the technical skills necessary to manage a Website for their company. (Websites include WordPress, HTML). Learn quickly what you need to do to keep your website protected and keep your content updated. This course will help you avoid the most common mistakes made with Business Websites and give you the skills you need to take control of your Website.

Learning Outcome

Successful participants will complete the following main outcomes:

  • Updating Your Website Content
  • Learn to plan, outline and write new content for your website.
  • Successfully add new pages to your Website’s menu.
  • Understand how to research and include SEO Keywords in Website content.
  • Successfully change content on Website pages, ensuring technical aspects are correct.
  • Understand the different features of your Website
  • Set up a system for backing up and maintaining your Website.
  • Set up a system for monitoring your Website’s traffic and security.
  • Identify signs of possible problems with your Website, and understand basic steps to troubleshooting.
  • Select and install trusted WordPress (or other) plugins.


  • Discuss the participant’s website, goals for the website, and how they can benchmark for those goals.
  • Understanding how to use the features of your website.
  • How to change Sidebar and Footer Content
  • How to change your Website’s Menu
  • How to select and configure plugins
  • Updating your Website’s content on Pages
  • Technical Aspects: working with images, links, embedding videos, adding categories and tags and more.
  • Understand how content contributes to the website’s success as a marketing tool.
  • How to evaluate your Website’s Content.
  • How to plan for upcoming content.
  • Check for vulnerabilities in website maintenance system.
  • Set up a system to backup and maintain your Website
  • Select, install and configure a security plugin
  • Stop Spam on your Website
  • Best Practices: Maintaining Passwords and User Accounts
  • How to check and improve your Website’s speed rating
  • How to improve your Website’s on-page SEO
  • How to spot problems when updating your website
  • What to do about website problems.

Who should attend?

  • This course is for small businesses who already have a Website (or are developing a website) but need to learn how to manage and update it. This course is ideal for training owners or employees who will be responsible for Website maintenance and updates

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